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Journalist position with Syria Direct non-profit news outlet in Amman

(posted July 13, 2016)

Syria Direct is seeking an American reporter/translator to join its newsroom in Amman, Jordan. The reporter will work directly with our team of Syrian reporters to produce daily news briefs on events in Syria as well as longer, analytical reporters about the conflict.

Preliminary requirements for this position include:

Professional proficiency in Arabic: i.e. the ability to work completely in spoken Syrian Arabic with our Syrian staff who do not speak English; the ability to conduct research in Arabic; the ability to translate quickly and accurately from Arabic to English

Strong writing skills: We work in a fast-paced newsroom and most stories are one-day turnarounds. Reporters are expected to gather facts, translate quotes and write clearly and accurately in a short time frame.

Familiarity with the Syrian civil war: While candidates are not expected to have a granular understanding of the war, we do expect reporters to start with a general sense of the history and dynamics of the conflict (i.e. timeline, major players, international actors etc.).  We offer candidates a competitive salary and valuable reporting experience.

Former journalism experience is preferred but not required. Experience with video editing is an advantage.

Due to funding requirements we can only consider applicants who are US citizens.

Interested candidates should contact Orion Wilcox at  

For more information on our reporting, please visit our website